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Welcome to IPlayAllDay Studio

We are a small yet professional game development studio in Indonesia with years of experience.

Filled with passion, talent and expertise, we always want to push the limit of our knowledge and eager to create an awesome product for everyone to enjoy.

Find out more about us, go see what we've done so far or maybe drop us a word as we always try to look for new opportunity to put our skills and expertise.

What's new?

Kung Fu Quest is on beta stage!

Have you ever wonder why there isn't any good beat'em up game for mobile yet? Is the virtual keypad renders the experience useless?

Our Kung Fu Quest will try to bring you the most awesome beat'em up game to ever graze the mobile device.

Planned to release at June 2013 the game will bring you :
- Fast pace beat em up games
- Awesome levels with bosses that you have to fight through
- The smoothest animation running at 60 fps
- Create your own combos and fighting style with many customization options.

If you want to know more about it please contact us at :